• Full Win32 Support
    2021-12-25 1 Open 2 Closed

    Basic win32 support for server (offering a server-side shell session akin to UNIX pty) and a native (unwrapped) client (unbuffered input, no-echo).

  • FreeBSD support
    2020-07-01 2 Open 1 Closed
    • Enable build under FreeBSD 12.1:

    • Interactive shell

    • verify client term resizes, ctrl-D (rude) logout etc. work and preserve proper terminal mode

    • one-shot command exec (-x)

    • copy (client -> server and server -> client) with proper term behaviour (with and without 'pv')

    • tunnels

    • Install via make target to service (/etc/rc.d ?)

  • Full function KCP (UDP) tunnels
    2021-05-01 0 Open 0 Closed

    Equivalent functionality to main TCP modes, but using KCP.