Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Manuel Romei 6ceee76274 ensure filepath.Clean paths are rooted (#112) 3 months ago
  salman 25b68f4f4c go.mod: update dependencies 1 year ago
  salman 2f6839e133 server: disable websocket compression because safari is broken 1 year ago
  Maxim Baz 0dcba5cf52 web: fix field names as received from Go (#101) 2 years ago
  salman 3858d8093c add first (bad) attempt at selenium/webdriver test 2 years ago
  salman d887fd0fbf web: another attempt at pwa share target 2 years ago
  salman c4e88e9b31 web: refactor main.ts to avoid type assertions 2 years ago
  salman c182ee2c7b web: typescriptify main.js 2 years ago
  Maxim Baz 61b8978ec5 web: make public domain configurable 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] 7ea0aa7d61 build(deps): bump from 3.0.1 to 3.0.15 (#100) 2 years ago
  salman 17e8a45e66 web: use named constants for websocket codes 2 years ago
  salman b06a76582a web: fix typescript array declaration 2 years ago
  salman 7b72014a8a web: apply js formatting 2 years ago
  salman 3361f254a1 web: refactor signalling state machine 2 years ago
  salman b49b991acf web: call back to callbacks 2 years ago
  salman 6a5e65f46e web: still too many promises but no more anys 2 years ago
  salman 597f9d5b99 web: convert signalling logic to typescript 2 years ago
  salman 09756aa126 web: first typescript conversion 2 years ago
  salman ccd26115dc web: apply rome linter suggestions 2 years ago
  salman 28c6c7312f web: declutter web directory 2 years ago
  salman 8ddf831024 web: add share target api first cut 2 years ago
  salman 1bc33bea8d web: new icon 2 years ago
  salman e6a5350743 cmd: use apropriate code for closing websocket 2 years ago
  salman eb1b481d1c relay detection: add missing prflx 2 years ago
  salman 6988120451 extension: bump to 0.7 2 years ago
  salman 21116c5460 web: do not use class field syntax 2 years ago
  salman c64cf9673a relay detection: handle srflx too 2 years ago
  salman 8aadd1411b detect when using turn relay 2 years ago
  salman 67bb301aaf web/css: use overflow:auto to avoid scrollbars 2 years ago
  salman f9a715fd76 web: more robust user agent detection for safari quirks 😭 2 years ago