Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joel Sing 0d412c9fbe Provide correct pty/tty file paths on OpenBSD (#148) 3 months ago
  Fraser Waters 2e47437b1f Add some basic tests (#145) 4 months ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes d301b27172 fix aix compile error (#144) 4 months ago
  Fraser Waters 6eb8749846 Remove go 1.6 on macos test run (#143) 4 months ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes a24f8808b5 Fix windows compilation (#142) 4 months ago
  Fraser Waters 7de28cee0d Add GHA workflow to run test_crosscompile and go test (#141) 4 months ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes edfd13da2a Remove ppc from freebsd as it is not available in go1.18beta1. Check error in Getsize(). (#137) 6 months ago
  Ryo Ota 7b57fd2675 Use uint16 in winsize_unsupported.go (#136) 6 months ago
  abner.chen b135084511 Rename loongarchx to loong64. (#130) 9 months ago
  lenoil98 ac2ba380e8 Add freebsd/ppc64 support in (#128) 10 months ago
  lenoil98 819195d464 Add support for freebsd/ppc64 (#126) 10 months ago
  Graham Clark 8ac0cc1360 Fix typo in openbsd build constraint (#125) 11 months ago
  Aaron Bieber c1836eafaf Add support for OpenBSD mips64 (#123) 1 year ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes f73a158a9a Simplify solaris implementation. (#120) 1 year ago
  whorfin a76ea1c682 Add pty.InheritSize for solaris support (#118) 1 year ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes 4f15fbdd3a add arm64 to feebsd and nebsd in test script 1 year ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes 5e261bd7a0 run gofmt 1 year ago
  guoqi.chen d8c5af0daf Add loongarch support (#116) 1 year ago
  Iain Buclaw e9fe422625 Add support for NetBSD 386/amd64/arm (#117) 1 year ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes 060a4be6ce Update cross compile test for go1.16 1 year ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes ab4a70c372 Closes #111. Close chan in README example. 1 year ago
  Sebastiaan van Stijn 097644e6ac README: replace deprecated crypto/ssh/terminal (#108) 1 year ago
  Isao Jonas a6c0a376f1 Add O_NOCTTY for darwin when opening slave (#93) 2 years ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes 2a38352e8b Add openbsd archs 2 years ago
  Matthew Martin 110238dc20 Unify OpenBSD ztypes; adds arm support (#98) 2 years ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes f272787f85 Add StartWithAttrs to allow bypassing setsid/setctty (#97) 2 years ago
  Tobias Kortkamp 8ab47f72e8 Add support for freebsd/arm64 (#87) 2 years ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes 3a6a957789 Bump go 1.13 2 years ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes 2769f65a3a remove go.mod in go.mod 3 years ago
  Guillaume J. Charmes bbd30d0db8 Add riscv 3 years ago