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Multi Progress Bar

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mpb is a Go lib for rendering progress bars in terminal applications.


  • Multiple Bars: Multiple progress bars are supported
  • Dynamic Total: Set total while bar is running
  • Dynamic Add/Remove: Dynamically add or remove bars
  • Cancellation: Cancel whole rendering process
  • Predefined Decorators: Elapsed time, ewma based ETA, Percentage, Bytes counter
  • Decorator's width sync: Synchronized decorator's width among multiple bars


Rendering single bar

package main

import (


func main() {
    // initialize progress container, with custom width
    p := mpb.New(mpb.WithWidth(64))

    total := 100
    name := "Single Bar:"
    // create a single bar, which will inherit container's width
    bar := p.New(int64(total),
        // BarFillerBuilder with custom style
            // display our name with one space on the right
            decor.Name(name, decor.WC{C: decor.DindentRight | decor.DextraSpace}),
            // replace ETA decorator with "done" message, OnComplete event
            decor.OnComplete(decor.AverageETA(decor.ET_STYLE_GO), "done"),
    // simulating some work
    max := 100 * time.Millisecond
    for i := 0; i < total; i++ {
        time.Sleep(time.Duration(rand.Intn(10)+1) * max / 10)
    // wait for our bar to complete and flush

Rendering multiple bars

    var wg sync.WaitGroup
    // passed wg will be accounted at p.Wait() call
    p := mpb.New(mpb.WithWaitGroup(&wg))
    total, numBars := 100, 3

    for i := 0; i < numBars; i++ {
        name := fmt.Sprintf("Bar#%d:", i)
        bar := p.AddBar(int64(total),
                // simple name decorator
                // decor.DSyncWidth bit enables column width synchronization
                // replace ETA decorator with "done" message, OnComplete event
                    // ETA decorator with ewma age of 30
                    decor.EwmaETA(decor.ET_STYLE_GO, 30, decor.WCSyncWidth), "done",
        // simulating some work
        go func() {
            defer wg.Done()
            rng := rand.New(rand.NewSource(time.Now().UnixNano()))
            max := 100 * time.Millisecond
            for i := 0; i < total; i++ {
                // start variable is solely for EWMA calculation
                // EWMA's unit of measure is an iteration's duration
                start := time.Now()
                time.Sleep(time.Duration(rng.Intn(10)+1) * max / 10)
                // we need to call EwmaIncrement to fulfill ewma decorator's contract
    // wait for passed wg and for all bars to complete and flush

Dynamic total

dynamic total

Complex example


Bytes counters

byte counters