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The Suite interface is the sum total all suite mix-ins provided in kyber. For example - SuiteEd255219, the suite for the edwards 25519 curve

type Suite interface {



Encoding represents an abstract interface to an encoding/decoding that can be used to marshal/unmarshal objects to and from streams. Different Encodings will have different constraints, of course. Two implementations are available:

  1. The protobuf encoding using the variable length Google Protobuf encoding scheme. The library is available at
  2. The fixbuf encoding, a fixed length binary encoding of arbitrary structures. The library is available at

The structure of the Encoding interface is as follows:

type Encoding interface {
	Write(w io.Writer, objs ...interface{}) error
	Read(r io.Reader, objs ...interface{}) error


  • The Write() function encodes and writes objects to an io.Writer

    Function Suite.Write(io.Writer, ...interface{}) error
    Parameters - io.Writer : The destination writer to which the object will be marshalled
    - ...interface{} : Group of objects that have to be encoded
    Output - error : Contains an error if something unexpected happened, otherwise is nil
  • The Read() function read and decodes objects from an io.Reader

    Function Suite.Read(io.Reader, ...interface{}) error
    Parameters - io.Reader : The source reader from which the objects are read
    - ...interface{} : Group of objects which have to be decoded
    Output - error : Contains an error if something unexpected happened, otherwise is nil


Group interface represents a mathematical group usable for Diffie-Hellman key exchange, ElGamal encryption, and the related body of public-key cryptographic algorithms and zero-knowledge proof methods. The Group interface is designed in particular to be a generic front-end to both traditional DSA-style modular arithmetic groups and ECDSA-style elliptic curves the caller of this interface's methods need not know or care which specific mathematical construction underlies the interface.

Hash Factory

The HashFactory interface provides the user with the hash function being used in the caller suite.

type HashFactory interface {
	Hash() hash.Hash

It consists of a single function Hash() which returns a new object of the hash function being used. For example - It returns a new instance of the SHA256 hash in the case of the ED25519 curve. It returns a value of the type hash.Hash

Function Suite.Hash() hash.Hash
Parameters - None
Output - hash.Hash : New instance of a hash corresponding to the caller suite

XOF Factory

The XOFFactory interface is used to create and returns a new XOF.

type XOFFactory interface {
	XOF(seed []byte) XOF

It consists of a single function XOF(seed []byte) which creates a new XOF, feeding seed to it via it's Write method. If seed is nil or []byte{}, the XOF is left unseeded, it will produce a fixed, predictable stream of bits.

(Caution: this behavior is useful for testing but fatal for production use).

Function Suite.XOF([]byte) XOF
Parameters - None
Output - XOF : A new instance of the XOF corresponding to the caller suite


The Random interface is used to produce a cryptographically random key stream.

type Random interface {
	RandomStream() cipher.Stream

It consists of a single function RandomStream() which returns a cipher.Stream that produces a cryptographically random key stream. The stream can tolerate being used in multiple goroutines.

Function Suite.RandomStream() cipher.Stream
Parameters - None
Output - cipher.Stream : Source from which random / pseudo-random values can be chosen