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  Noémien Kocher 199132f0c1 Merge pull request #457 from dedis/feature/neff-shuffle-sequences 1 month ago
  Noémien Kocher f17d5e1dba Merge branch 'master' into feature/neff-shuffle-sequences 1 month ago
  Noémien Kocher 7c3589fb2e Addresses Simone's comments 1 month ago
  jbsv 860d748843 Merge pull request #478 from dedis/ci_update 2 months ago
  Jean Viaene 8364eed419 fix CI to allow forked PR 2 months ago
  Jean Viaene 1ed6081364 permission should run on all platforms 2 months ago
  pierluca 9e13109ddf Merge branch 'master' into feature/neff-shuffle-sequences 2 months ago
  jbsv c0941c4bd5 Puting a label should start the workflow 2 months ago
  jbsv 67b944db5f Merge pull request #476 from dedis/setup-ci-on-forked 2 months ago
  Jean Viaene bdf4f1597c update CI to allow PR from forked repo 2 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 4ecf537851 Merge pull request #475 from dedis/taybart_383 3 months ago
  Linus Gasser f86fec0594 Embedding G1 for the bn256 package 4 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 44f07e3eab Merge pull request #471 from dedis/dkg-reshare-certified 5 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 43decfef1e Fixes wrong comment 5 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 95d83f0579 Fixes Responses not sent while resharing 5 months ago
  Noémien Kocher b15d2be7ab Merge branch 'master' into feature/neff-shuffle-sequences 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher c69494d742 Merge branch 'master' of 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher ebbe32a118 Updates badges 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 353dbb4401 Merge pull request #465 from dedis/test-fix 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher d71513d094 Adds missing newlines 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher a0f8576183 Merge branch 'master' into test-fix 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 3c0d867063 Merge pull request #464 from vibs29/master 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher 1b29947aaa Fixes Sonar complaints 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher a035bf0d48 Removes old .travis.yml 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher cbf02ee389 Adds Github actions 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher cb0459e96e Applies `gofmt` and `go mod tidy` 6 months ago
  Noémien Kocher cef27aebbb Merge pull request #461 from dedis/docs 6 months ago
  Vibhu Mohindra 6849f60895 security fix: any participant could disable DKG 6 months ago
  Parinay Chauhan 14122cb535 Docs updated 7 months ago
  Parinay Chauhan 0d656fa9e2 Suite documentation added 7 months ago