Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Martí 3c7141e801 update the state of a few TODOs related to upstream Go 23 hours ago
  Daniel Martí 99c12e396a replace testdata/scripts/*.txt with testdata/script/*.txtar 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Martí d0c6ccd63d sleep between cp and exec in test scripts 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Martí 2d12f41e71 actually remove temporary directories after obfuscation 3 months ago
  Daniel Martí f37561589b properly quote the path to garble in -toolexec 4 months ago
  Daniel Martí 434de2e472 make early errors count towards code coverage 6 months ago
  Daniel Martí c1c90fee13 make obfuscation fully deterministic with -seed 6 months ago
  Daniel Martí 29ea99fc5f CI: test on GOARCH=386 8 months ago
  Daniel Martí caa9831a63 fail if we are unexpectedly overwriting files (#418) 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 64cbbbaa0f update modinfo.txt test for 1.18's build and VCS info 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 29356f30f7 update runtimeAndDeps for Go 1.18 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 5e1e4d710b fix a data race with the global cachedBinary mechanism (#413) 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 680e5624e9 speed up tests by 20-30% by using GOGC=off 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí fe095ef132 handle unknown flags in reverse (#290) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí ff0bea73b5 all: drop support for Go 1.15.x (#265) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí d33faabb94 remove unused test cmds (#226) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 1db6e1e230 make -coverprofile include toolexec processes (#216) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí ba19a1d49c do not try to obfuscate huge literals (#204) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 39372a8c9b testdata: don't let tests rely on rewriting mod files 1 year ago
  Nick d4eee0c9bc Replaced asthelper.Ident with ast.NewIdent 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 805c895d59 set up an AUTHORS file to attribute copyright 2 years ago
  lu4p 388ff7d1a4 remove buggy number literal obfuscation 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 98113d0124 properly skip non-build flags for 'go list' 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí d0e01478f0 keep build flags when calling 'go list' 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 65461aabce reuse a single 'go list -json -export -deps' call 2 years ago
  pagran c2079ac0a1 Add test for literal obfuscators (#80) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 846ddb4097 internal/literals: minor adjustments to the last commits (#77) 2 years ago
  lu4p 50d24cdf51 Add float, int, and boolean literal obfuscation. 2 years ago
  Pagran 0c5e0a8944 Fix 'A required privilege is not held by the client' on Windows 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 3e4f3821ea don't leak build version information via a const either 2 years ago