Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Martí 6dd5c53a91 internal/linker: place files under GARBLE_CACHE 3 months ago
  Daniel Martí 7d1bd13778 replace our caching inside GOCACHE with GARBLE_CACHE 3 months ago
  Daniel Martí 9044b1d31c add a test to reproduce our caching bugs 4 months ago
  Daniel Martí e6fc593f68 set testscript's RequireExplicitExec and RequireUniqueNames 4 months ago
  Dominic Breuker b587d8c01a use the "simple" obfuscator for large literals 4 months ago
  Daniel Martí a186419d3d avoid rebuilding garble in the main benchmark 6 months ago
  Daniel Martí bb69facbd8 cut test time with coverage by half 7 months ago
  Daniel Martí e37f39054d update testscript to support code coverage with Go 1.20 7 months ago
  Daniel Martí 658060851d drop bits of code to support Go 1.19 7 months ago
  pagran 6ace03322f patch and rebuild cmd/link to modify the magic value in pclntab 8 months ago
  Daniel Martí d955196470 avoid using math/rand's global funcs like Seed and Intn 8 months ago
  Daniel Martí 12bc0349e6 make bincmp keep binaries around when it fails 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 3c7141e801 update the state of a few TODOs related to upstream Go 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 99c12e396a replace testdata/scripts/*.txt with testdata/script/*.txtar 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí d0c6ccd63d sleep between cp and exec in test scripts 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 2d12f41e71 actually remove temporary directories after obfuscation 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí f37561589b properly quote the path to garble in -toolexec 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 434de2e472 make early errors count towards code coverage 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí c1c90fee13 make obfuscation fully deterministic with -seed 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 29ea99fc5f CI: test on GOARCH=386 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí caa9831a63 fail if we are unexpectedly overwriting files (#418) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 64cbbbaa0f update modinfo.txt test for 1.18's build and VCS info 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 29356f30f7 update runtimeAndDeps for Go 1.18 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 5e1e4d710b fix a data race with the global cachedBinary mechanism (#413) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 680e5624e9 speed up tests by 20-30% by using GOGC=off 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí fe095ef132 handle unknown flags in reverse (#290) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí ff0bea73b5 all: drop support for Go 1.15.x (#265) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí d33faabb94 remove unused test cmds (#226) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 1db6e1e230 make -coverprofile include toolexec processes (#216) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí ba19a1d49c do not try to obfuscate huge literals (#204) 2 years ago