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  Daniel Martí 8e7765ee6f CONTRIBUTING: introduce -toolexec and add more dev tips 6 months ago
  Daniel Martí bd0705a536 amend redirecting URLs via "xurls -fix" 9 months ago
  Daniel Martí 5d49955998 README: document commands 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 1336711c9c CONTRIBUTING: include some basic terminology (#188) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 6b6a6eee2e CONTRIBUTING: clarify that tests are required (#138) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 805c895d59 set up an AUTHORS file to attribute copyright 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí cfd45d9a18 PRs with one review and CI are now mandatory (#92) 2 years ago
  Daniel Martí 9c4b7d5a44 add the first benchmark and CONTRIBUTING doc 2 years ago