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  Daniel Martí b0b67ab436 CHANGELOG: releasing v0.7.2 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 3967f8aeaa finish up changelog for 0.7.2 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 9d46fe917a avoid a type assertion panic with generic code 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 8ad374d2fb start testing on Go 1.19.x 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí d342de4099 CHANGELOG: v0.7.1 happening today 3 months ago
  Daniel Martí 3acbc571d2 draft changelog for the upcoming release 3 months ago
  Daniel Martí bb3f24648d CHANGELOG: v0.7.0 happening today 5 months ago
  Daniel Martí c9337022a0 bump gotip and x/exp, mention 1.19 in the changelog 5 months ago
  Daniel Martí f37561589b properly quote the path to garble in -toolexec 6 months ago
  Daniel Martí b3e6b7a93a prepare changelog for v0.7.0 6 months ago
  Daniel Martí 0b6769c807 remove duplicate go:generate directive 8 months ago
  Daniel Martí 7608d524a5 CHANGELOG: v0.6.0 is happening one day late 8 months ago
  Daniel Martí 13c0c930ee prepare changelog for v0.6.0 8 months ago
  Daniel Martí f1880b688c finish changelog for v0.5.1 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 87799a5e4e CHANGELOG: draft for v0.5.1 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí 4f0657a19a prepare for v0.5.0 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí d146d82d33 prepare changelog for 0.5.0 10 months ago
  Daniel Martí c76c4196af prepare changelog for 0.4.0 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 993c5fbbe8 finalize changelog for v0.3.0 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí aba3b36218 start writing the upcoming changelog 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí ba4c46eb09 CHANGELOG: finish v0.2.0 draft 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 91dd310bfe CHANGELOG: start drafting for v0.2.0 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 06a7a21e17 changelog: forgot to add github link (#271) 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 1fcf50bbdd release v0.1.0 1 year ago
  Daniel Martí 2a9c0b7bf4 prepare for the first release (#264) 1 year ago