Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Martí d342de4099 CHANGELOG: v0.7.1 happening today 5 days ago
  Daniel Martí 0119a775d7 CI: test with gotip as of July 30th 1 week ago
  Daniel Martí 3acbc571d2 draft changelog for the upcoming release 1 week ago
  Daniel Martí 4155854a2e go 1.18.x now sets -buildvcs=false for `go test` 1 week ago
  Daniel Martí 8bc971e0a2 README: slightly tweak the wording around flags 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Martí 8d36e1d80e avoid go/printer from breaking imports 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí ec68fc6750 avoid `...any` allocs in debug logs in hot loops 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí 3f9d77d9b6 join runtimeAndDeps into cannotObfuscate 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí f6ef988823 add crypto/internal/boring/bcache to runtimeLinknamed 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí 21dfbd3379 obfuscate cgo-generated-Go filenames 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí 2d12f41e71 actually remove temporary directories after obfuscation 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí d2622e8223 replace go/parser with go/scanner in printFile 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí 21bd89ff73 slight simplifications and alloc reductions 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí 3fbefbbacf fix TODOs about code which is now unused 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí 99f9b88363 fix a couple of TODOs in position.go 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí d18dd73556 use go/parser.SkipObjectResolution 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí d6afdd08bb obfuscate net and runtime/debug 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí bb3f24648d CHANGELOG: v0.7.0 happening today 1 month ago
  Daniel Martí c9337022a0 bump gotip and x/exp, mention 1.19 in the changelog 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí f37561589b properly quote the path to garble in -toolexec 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí b3e6b7a93a prepare changelog for v0.7.0 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí f0d79a38d4 remove a couple of easy TODOs 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí d2a2f2012b obfuscate a few more std packages 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 9fc19e8bdf support import paths ending with ".go" 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 201d890430 start checking some third party builds for regressions 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 7fb390e403 fix support with the latest Go master version 2 months ago
  lu4p 84ba444b7c Disable seed obfuscator (#535) 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 14d3803a7b fix hashing of generic field names 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 1a3d7868d9 make "garble version" friendlier for devel builds 2 months ago
  Daniel Martí 61bd95bb89 add a test with generic code 2 months ago