Commit History

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  Russtopia 44dc6e3893 Create 5 years ago
  lisbonacid b268eb4b67 got some additional callbacks going (mouse button down and up). 13 years ago
  lisbonacid 8e8aa28eed renamed some things for consistency 13 years ago
  lisbonacid 794be75e67 improved detection of methods in delegate interface. mouse motion events enabled in GTK only after detection of method. added some comments. 13 years ago
  lisbonacid 6233adcb8c removed gocairo.go 13 years ago
  lisbonacid b2a99834fd lots of improvements. added delegate interface for callbacks! working example with mouse tracking. 13 years ago
  lisbonacid 308fd37fdb c functions now pass back a struct containing the event type and the surface's ID 13 years ago
  lisbonacid 5a25182a6c initial commit. code can open a window and receive expose events and mouse-motion events. 13 years ago