Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Russ Magee 47a3c6f1b8 Fixes for int vs. uintptr args (linux vs. freebsd) 3 years ago
  Russ Magee cba36b66f1 FreeBSD 12 support (NOTE: xc not yet functional) 3 years ago
  Russ Magee c2c43c1c50 Fix for issue #23: null panic if logger obj is null due no active syslog sink 3 years ago
  Russ Magee 6fbbcdadb6 Gometalinter cleanup/audit of hkexsh, hkexshd, hkexpasswd 4 years ago
  Russ Magee 2f83d488d6 Pushed logging into sub-package to preserve windows client build 4 years ago