Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Toni Uhlig 3ff4d34fb0 define PACKAGE_STRING if HAVE_CONFIG_H undefined (useful if compiling w/o configure/make) 3 years ago
  Toni Uhlig b96e7a6fa4 Got rid of those non working extended options, because: 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig adee0adbe6 fixed mingw build caused by an invalid explicit function type cast 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 8823555e48 sequence number timeout table uses now correct time_t for timestamps 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 1e8037d84d improved icmp/forward descriptor structs and use -Wextra for all builds 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 79ab49285e removed superfluous explicit numeric casts 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig ef793d1650 refactored queue_packet by shrinking the function signature to the minima 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 2fe275b748 removed unused function prototype, improved termination msgs 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig c64928e8e0 fixed format specifier issues 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig dd1d4b33c0 preparations for use of multiple hash algos for challenge response 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 1d2c692c12 added Npcap support (fixes #14) 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 29dc1ad336 removed `--libpcap` default device, since it is highly os dependant 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 8250a3d8c7 fixed another build error for print_pcap_devices() if HAVE_PCAP undefined 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 3aa8e5d131 added `--list-libpcap-devices' to list al available pcap devices, output WinPCAP specific information at startup 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig ad688f7b47 change the path to the random number generator during build time (see PR #11) 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig e7090ddba3 Merge pull request #10 from Masaq-/extended-options 5 years ago
  Masaq- 47627aca9b empty pings not to be sent when idle 5 years ago
  Masaq- f5f395ed72 initialize checksum 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig e90f449ab3 more secure chroot: chdir(chroot_path), chroot("."), chdir("/") 5 years ago
  Masaq- 70973ac736 set pkt_len to zero after free 5 years ago
  Masaq- fa7a0d17d9 fix segmentation fault when network is unreachable 5 years ago
  Masaq- 3245b77775 -E --empty-pings compensate for ICMP sequence number inspection 5 years ago
  Masaq- df3843984d variable length data section 5 years ago
  Masaq- dfb47d868a command line option -y payload size 5 years ago
  Masaq- c1af90a23a Merge branch 'master' into extended-options 5 years ago
  Masaq- 020634e1e8 short command line options -w -a -t 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig c1fb939758 Merge pull request #7 from Masaq-/fix-resend-icmp 5 years ago
  lns 9d9173684f trimmed xfr debug output + icmp id/seq output, replaced invalid UTF8 char 'oe' 5 years ago
  Masaq- bb064bb52a update the ICMP identifier of resent packets 5 years ago
  Masaq- 0c249d8974 extend the protocol to load options from the data section 5 years ago