Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Toni Uhlig 6e1708c736 ./configure updated with ./ 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig b66f10141b Merge branch 'master' into release 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 1c04661dc9 1.41-release 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 78cd218c94 use default random device /dev/random when only `--with-rngdev` as configure arg used and force the use of same for RNG 4 years ago
  Toni Uhlig ad688f7b47 change the path to the random number generator during build time (see PR #11) 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig f615ca9117 ./configure updated with ./ 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig da8d892491 updated AUTHORS (masaq-, elnerd) 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig adaca2629e 1.40-release 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig e7090ddba3 Merge pull request #10 from Masaq-/extended-options 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 20cdaf399d fixed possible NULL ptr deref #2 5 years ago
  Masaq- 47627aca9b empty pings not to be sent when idle 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 0aa06b8460 fixed possible NULL ptr deref and division by zero 5 years ago
  Masaq- ca931dfbce realloc rings for larger window size 5 years ago
  Masaq- f5f395ed72 initialize checksum 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig e90f449ab3 more secure chroot: chdir(chroot_path), chroot("."), chdir("/") 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 93ccffcb40 CWE-126 workaround 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig e13b1445e7 Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 4b9d5c066f do not use /dev/random on windows 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 2d639c819b Merge pull request #9 from Masaq-/extended-options 5 years ago
  Masaq- 70973ac736 set pkt_len to zero after free 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig f2ec58545c fixed CLang build error (missing includes) 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 08d7dd8878 pt_random(): reading from /dev/random instead of calling less secure random() 5 years ago
  Masaq- fa7a0d17d9 fix segmentation fault when network is unreachable 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig e9b9ceba14 Merge pull request #8 from Masaq-/extended-options 5 years ago
  Masaq- 3245b77775 -E --empty-pings compensate for ICMP sequence number inspection 5 years ago
  Toni Uhlig 96bae72483 debian/rules: package systemd files 5 years ago
  Masaq- bbacf7a27f fix leaky rings 5 years ago
  Masaq- df3843984d variable length data section 5 years ago
  Masaq- 9b16f3b6fb long options and usage notes 5 years ago
  Masaq- fd05400555 Merge branch 'master' into extended-options 5 years ago