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  Chris Pressey 96ff46dbb3 Added tag rel_1_2_2014_0422 for changeset 92e1d8c0fd4b 9 years ago
  Cat's Eye Technologies e56a7e0eb3 Prefer yasm to nasm, but you can make YASM=nasm if you like. 10 years ago
  catseye 553863f156 Added tag rel_1_2_2013_1130 for changeset 400e96c66504 10 years ago
  catseye 64d22d574c Add doc explaining latest work. Bump version number to 1.2. 10 years ago
  catseye 54b71bbb0c Vertical tab should be preceded by blank space. 10 years ago
  catseye 41d53e2c93 Input source is now terminated with vertical tab instead of NUL. 10 years ago
  catseye 79947efc79 Placate github's craving for a README. 10 years ago
  catseye 3711e261c0 nasm changed the code it outputs a bit (not as bad as last time.) 10 years ago
  catseye e5c4e2b0fb Rectify file permissions. 11 years ago
  Cat's Eye Technologies 2f93cd47c3 Added tag rel_1_1_2009_0307 for changeset af698677b311 11 years ago
  Cat's Eye Technologies f0a6091fb0 Import of Shelta version 1.1 revision 2009.0307 sources. 11 years ago
  Cat's Eye Technologies 2024555e0a Added tag rel_1_0_1999_1223 for changeset f40dd60ffb99 11 years ago
  Cat's Eye Technologies 072489163d Initial import of Shelta version 1.0 revision 1999.1223 sources. 11 years ago